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1. What is Reputation Marketing?

Building a 5 Star Reputation online and leveraging that reputation to get more customers.

2. Why can’t I post my own reviews from customers?

Businesses can’t post their own reviews from customers because review sites have algorithms and filters that delete all reviews that are posted from the same computer IP network. You need a system that allows customers to post reviews naturally and then market those reviews to get more customers.

3. Why should I pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is not a cost, but rather an investment that has a high rate of return for your business. Most people when searching with online search engines such as Google or Bing tend to only click links on the first page of their search results . If your website is not fully optimized using targeted keywords, your site may never be discovered by the average user. SEO is a crucial part of your marketing mix and will directly impact the amount of sales leads you will receive.

 4. Why should I care about using Social Media platforms for my business?

In today’s society social media is one of the fastest growing online marketing venues. Word of mouth advertising is extremely important for both new and established businesses. Social Media provides a constant way for you to connect with both new and existing customers. In fact, in today’s society, businesses that do not have a Social Media presence are considered obsolete and old fashioned.

5. Why should I choose you to handle my Online Reputation?

We are a highly experienced and dedicated firm who has developed a proven system that will successfully build, manage, and most importantly market your online reputation to customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and are always on top of the latest trends related to protecting and marketing your online reputation.