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Seroquel toronto5-Star Reputation Videos & Branding Commercials

The Review Commercial is a key element of an overall strategy to help local businesses with their Brand, Social Media, SEO, and Reputation Marketing that helps businesses to get more customers.

These 45-60 second commercials are a powerful reputation and branding strategy because we:

– Use professional spokes models

– We shoot in a Hollywood style studio

– We professionally edit and brand each video to position you as a market leader

– We promote your reputation by highlighting a 5-star review you have received

– We create prime time graphics and animation, as well as create an on-location view of someone reading about your 5-star reputation

We’ve done some focus group testing on these Review Branding Commercials and found the following:

70% of consumers that watch them said they would pick up the phone to call you

65% said they would refer you to a friend that needed your products & services